Casting “Anti-Agency”, New Hope for the Industry?

As a singer (or actor or dancer), you get bombarded with all of these expectations from the the industry, from society, from really everyone that isn’t your mom and dad. I’ve never been a fan of this. People who know me and are following me on this musical journey know that developing an “image” has been harder for me than any other thing in this process. The fact that I have market myself with photoshoots and Ashley Xtina stickers, is a whole lot more stressful for me than writing good songs, putting out great music and performing on stage. Because in the end that’s what I am, singer, a songwriter, not a brand, right? Right? (Hahahaha)

I know nothing about fashion, or make-up or even how to dye my hair really. But I do know what I like, what I don’t like, what I can afford and what I wish I could afford. While browsing the internet today, I came across Anti-Agency, a casting agency in the UK – below is from the About page on their site.

“Our models aren’t just clothes horses; we focus on hand selecting London based girls and boys with personality, indiviual style and talent.

The agency is for people who could’ve been models and decided not to, for people who are too cool to be models and people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration & creative industries etc.

We’re here to provide casting solutions for companies and to promote people we believe in.

If you want models that represent your target audience and that will be aspirational figures for your customer then these are the girls and boys for you. “

Almost seems too good to be true….no height or weight requirements. All they ask for is natural looking photos and a little bio. Assuming that this agency is real (and not shady), I’d like to think they’ll expand to other cities that are blooming with talented individuals. Once that happens, maybe, just maybe there’ll be hope for the industry and people like me who express themselves while producing art and want to share it with the world.



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